Oshi x NFT Fest

Oshi Gallery x NFT Fest

Oshi Gallery x NFT Fest presents 10 Creatives from extensive practices ranging from Music, Photography, to 3D Animation.

This showcase includes key panelists from one of Australia's largest NFT Festivals held in Melbourne, Australia 23-24th of November.

Oshi Gallery have curated these artists based on a solid and recognisable style and incredible work ethic, all things we believe make a truly exceptional artist.

Open Editions start 22nd of November - 5pm EDT, New York, USA
Open Editions start 23rd of November - 9am AEDT, Melbourne, Australia

Danielle Weber
Open Edition
Renascence 2022

Danielle Weber is an Australian artist based in Melbourne. Starting out in her studio, Danielle's work has extended to include original pieces for a number of high-profile clients. Danielle transitioned to murals in 2014 where her style and expression evolves as she endeavours to connect with her audience by storytelling through her work.

More recently, Danielle has embarked on her NFT Journey, releasing three collections which exceeded her expectations. Whilst learning more about the NFT space, Danielle has also been diving into animation, VR, augmented reality and bridging the gap between physical/digital art.

Danielle prides herself on her strict work ethic and discipline, to ensure she maintains her ability to create consistently.

Open Edition
R U winning son

Lambie is a self-described "degenerate child of the internet painting for the Electric Renaissance".

Her work incorporates current memes and utilises her signature colour palette of blue, pink and yellow. All works are painted in gouache and watercolour, vectored and digitally edited.

Liyat Haile
Open Edition
Blue II

Liyat G Haile is an Ethiopian-born Australian photographer living and working in Melbourne. Nature was what initially inspired her to pick up a camera. She began creating images in natural light and capturing landscape/seascape and streets in her surroundings as well as on her travels.

In 2022, Liyat's Street Celebration documentary images from Ethiopia were added to the Permanent Art Collection of the Tezos Foundation. Her documentary photography has been showcased in an exhibition and some of her landscape photography has been shortlisted in online competitions.

Liyat's photography work has been published in magazines and featured online over the past 10 years. Liyat believes in blockchain technology and is a very active member of the NFT community.

Open Edition
The Heartful Ledger

Dundo creates art with music, in symbiosis, capturing moments where shapes and colours find a common rhythm in music.

Since 2020, he has published more than 250 audio-visual pieces across several digital art collections, and continues to innovate with sound-driven generative art.

Open Edition
Lei è Una Mod, 2022

Darian Zam is a multiple award-winning creative across Art, design, writing and social history research.

With 30+ years of practice consisting primarily of painting/drawing, he is an early adopter of Crypto/NFT tech in the Australian Art industry. He moved to digital in 2010, then entirely to the Crypto Art space in 2020. In that period, he has sold 750+ NFTs.

In 2022 he was 1/24 artists invited to participate in Australia's 'Future Art' exhibition as part of the Vivid Festival, and 1/20 Artists for '20 Years of Culture', the Anniversary celebration of Federation Square.

Open Edition
Static Flow #0 - Miami or Bust

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Phoenyx Rein
Open Edition
Anubis: God of the Dead

Phoenyx Rein is a 31-year-old father of 2 who lives in Melbourne, Australia. He began creating art when he was a child, drawing his favourite Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z characters with pencils on paper. He then moved to digital art when reaching adulthood. Recently, he has been experimenting with Artificial Intelligence programming to enhance his artwork. Phoenyx specialises in realistic portrait work, with varying themes including Indigenous Australians, Cyberpunk aesthetic. He loves using a wide range of saturated colour to create vibrant, eye-catching artwork for all to enjoy.

The Ostal Project
Open Edition

The Ostal Project is an art project by Cooper Simpson which explores the aesthetics of geometry, sound and the human form.

Initiated in 2015, the project focused on music production, it has since expanded to encompass a variety of mediums including computer graphics, virtual reality and more. The project continues to expand through exploration of new mediums while keeping true to its vision, story and distinctive style.

Minting their genesis piece in May of 2020 on the SuperRare platform, the project has since immortalised a variety of works on the Ethereum blockchain.

Open Edition
A toast...

Digital Illustrator/designer from Perth, Western Australia. Steadily building a body of work heavily influenced by my sunny, palm-filled hometown, dashed with a huge dose of retro-futuristic, violently pastel cityscapes, people and concept tech from the 70s-90s era. - In short: Living the past in the future.

Open Edition
The Pyroclast

Swixel's whimsical, pop surrealism is the product of a storied history in the creative industries. A childhood spent immersed in the vibrant art scene of Northern New South Wales, Swixel was a published cartoonist at age 18. With a decade-long running comic strip, fine arts degree, and masters in digital, Swixel built a career in emerging technology and design.

Working with global brands, across many disciplines, Swixel managed to maintain a signature style. From easel painting to ERC-721 tokens, Swixel continues to expand and create, building a narrative driven world.

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