Meet The Metaverse
Opening Night : 6:00 - 9:30PM
Oshi Gallery386 Smith St Collingwood, VIC 3066

It is time to enter the world of CryptoVoxels and Voxels 8-Bit Aesthetic Art.

A collection of artwork Co-curated by legendary Voxels builders and community leaders BitPixi & Ghost Agent, the exhibition showcases 8 top unique Voxels builders and creators from around the world.

Open Editions start 26th of October - 6pm EDT, New York, USA
Open Editions start 27th of October - 9am AEDT, Melbourne, Australia

Also featured will be an Alotta Money fundraiser artwork by RGBanksy paying homage to Alotta Money's prolific and relentless pursuit of excellence which shook the cryptoart space in a good way.

All proceeds from primary sales of 'Alotta Swing' NFT will be donated to Peter MacCallum Cancer Center

Open Edition
The minting of Venus

Drknss is an interdisciplinary artist from germany, living and building in the Voxels metaverse.

Open Edition

Taylor.WTF is a digital nomad who lives in a van and has been in the NFT art scene since its genesis in 2017 when he collected his Cryptopunk.

His work has been featured in galleries from L.A. to Hong Kong to Dubai. He's collaborated with artists like Pussy Riot and MF Doom, as well as Dario De Siena of Mindds.

Taylor.WTF is the founder of caked apes an 8888-piece generative art collection that sold out in 15 seconds and generated over $2M in sales.

He founded, a collective community of artists that launched multiple projects and was the basis for many NFT artists and projects getting their start.

He also founded WTF.INDUSTRIES, an NFT production studio that has just released their first metaverse project: JPEG.LAND

Ghost Agent
Open Edition
Not Dead Undeaded

He'll rekindle all the dreams

it took you a lifetime to destroy

He'll reach deep into the hole,

heal your shrinking soul,

but there won't be a single thing

that you can do

He's a god, he's a man,

he's a ghost, he's a guru

They're whispering his name

through this disappearing land...

Open Edition
Courtship dance of the red-crowned cranes

I am Yumika from Tokyo, Japan. I am a Voxel wearables designer

I like to introduce my Japanese traditional culture, pop culture and fashion into Voxels.

My NFTs are based on Voxels Wearables.

I love Japanese traditional culture and my daily wear is Kimono.

I would like to create "Kawaii" based on Japanese culture in the Metaverse.

The Temple of Doge
Open Edition
Quantitative Pleasing

The Temple of Doge is a multidisciplinary memetastic metaverse architecture & art group. We create religious meme art and build temples across the metaverse all for the love of humor and to commemorate one of the greatest memes to exist.

May the Doge Lord guide you and Do Only Good Everyday!

Lexx Lucre
Open Edition
Did somebody hear something?

Lexx Lucre is making the Metaverse. Lexx is designing the future via wearables and environments for the voxels space...

Focused on building experiences that can reward users for engagement.

Open Edition
Oshi Bomb

Mike Tewz is a multidisciplinary Mexican-Polish Artist from Chicago, IL. He studied Visual Communication Design, Printmedia & Technology at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work combines elements of city life with computers & electronics.

Tewz first began creating digital ASCII art on a TRS-80 Micro Computer System in the 1980's before discovering Phone Phreaking. He was an active user on Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) in the early 1990's. His past projects include fake counterfeit postage stamps (imPOSTer; they really worked!?), an official Record Store Day vinyl remix of Basquiat's band Gray featuring Kool Keith, and a custom Yamaha PSS-80 FM Synth w/ a programmable 8 step sequencer & lo-fi clock delay that took 2nd place at the Moogfest Circuit-Bending Challenge.

He is currently working on an A.I. Music Video for American Rapper Percee P titled "Black Church".

Open Edition
Alotta Swing

I am writing this up for my pal RGBAnksy, mostly because he is severely dyslexic but also because he is quite drunk. I asked him if he thought he had ADHD, as he restlessly paced the room tapping all the surfaces, he replied "Yeah I got all the letters, all the letters".

Severely dylexic drunk avatar tattoo artist: NO REGERTS!

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