We hope you really do discover images of the planet you will never have seen before, when you explore our FLOW STATE Collection of NFTs.

The original art from which the NFTs were created, was filmed and photographed entirely within Australia, over 4 years, from the air and the ground.

Of the City of Melbourne in lock-down, and the Daintree Forest in Tropical QLD.

From moody lakes in the Western District of Victoria, to a rock formation offshore Robe, SA.

From the pristine beauty of Flinders Island, Tasmania, to stunning skyscapes in Central Victoria.

From the remote, beguiling shores of Cape Barren and Dog Islands, Tasmania.

This Collection is a true collaboration between Melbourne-based Nate Hill and SUNGRAZERS, as this body of work combines Nate’s unique and iconic ‘twisted landscapes’ with SUNGRAZERS’ original footage filmed of the natural and built world. Mother Nature and our cityscapes as you’ve never seen them before. Toby’s supremely recognizable soundscapes can be ethereal or driven, yet always punctuate and complement the visual narrative.

SUNGRAZERS capture images, still photographs and video, both from the air by helicopters and drones, as well as from the ground. Their fascination is for the built urban environment, the beauty of ancient forests, the solitude of remote islands, the enormity of wide expansive lakes, and coastlines of such pristine beauty that in this time of climate crises, give us hope for our planet.

Once the images and film are created, SUNGRAZERS work closely with Nate curating which pieces may become all the more extra-ordinary and compelling, once Nate’s magic is incorporated.

The ‘twist’ that Nate brings to each piece of art accentuates a deeper meaning than perhaps the original footage could convey in isolation. And we happily share the original source material alongside each final piece of art, so that Collectors can best relate to the piece, to our creative process and journey together.

Nate places a solitary figure within each piece of art, who is often cloaked in the landscape; be it clouds, water, a sandy beach or rocks. The iconic figure thereby becomes truly integrated into the scene, is one with the scene, not simply an observer. This relationship between the figure and the natural and built landscapes captured in the art pieces, are synonymous with everyman, woman, person and child’s need for connectivity.

SUNGRAZERS’ edit suite enables the final part of the visual story-telling process to be completed – the grading, colouring, saturation brings to life the 3 dimensionality of Nate’s ‘twist’ and allow the inter-connectivity to develop even further.

At each step of the process of creation, all four collaborators bring their own distinctive eye and aesthetic.

But once the visuals are completed, Toby’s artistry takes the visual art to another dimension.

Each piece of animated art is accompanied by original music and soundscapes, composed and arranged by Toby to specifically accentuate the visuals, drawing the audience deeper into each piece. Toby will initially work up a ‘sketch’ for each of the visuals, to share with the collaboration. From this sketch, multiple layers are recorded. Whether it’s playing piano or guitar, drums or synths, Toby’s hallmark is to create such nuanced soundscapes, add subtle layers of meaning to the viewers experience.

On this collaboration, and for the first time, Toby AND Nate composed the pieces together, as Nate is not just a visual story-teller, but an accomplished drummer who brought a unique rhythmic perspective to the scores.

SUNGRAZERS have long-worked in the realms of XR, VR and AR but never before when creating NFTs, and this collaboration with Nate is the first time their visuals will form an augmented reality (AR) piece.

Auctions, Drawings & Limited Editions start 14th of December - 8pm EST, New York, USA
Auctions, Drawings & Limited Editions start 15th of December - 12pm AEDT, Melbourne, Australia


This piece was shot during one of the longest COVID lock-downs in the world, in Melbourne, Australia. However the shot would not have been possible without lock-down.

Our own lock-down, when this piece was shot, consisted of a curfew at nightfall that lifted after sunrise, and extended out to only a 5km radius of our home. Each day we walked, particularly at sunrise or sunset, before the curfew commenced and we were once again caged.

Our walk took us along the banks of the Yarra River, deserted of people, cars, boats, trams, even cyclists. The twinkling lights from the road bridge are illustrated by pulsing yet calming animation.

Every inhabitant of our planet was affected in a differing way. We hope the positive, therapeutic energy from this piece enables everyone to see ‘both sides now’, as we and our character do.

Like the undulating and hypnotic movements of the water in BOTH SIDES NOW, the music first laps dreamily at the listener, enveloping them in the otherness of this new dimension. As eyes are drawn to the bold circular forms that command the landscape, the drums evoke structures and the horns and voices hint at something beyond our understanding while the childlike piano melody reminds us of where we started this journey.

Shot from: The ground, using iPhone 11
Location: Yarra River, Melbourne, towards Bolte Bridge, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Date shot: 10 August 2020
Date created: September-December 2022
Frame Size: 1920 x 1920
File Size: 281 MB
Length: 2 mins 23 secs


The title of this piece implies an implicit quality, emotion, or influence which is underlying superficial aspects of something and leaves a particular impression.

What lies beneath ‘after the undertow’?

Shot very early morning the colour palette and rotation draw us to the very centre of the piece, and to the character standing there. What do we see, once we are on the dry land of the lake’s shores?

The swirling vortex is created by the dense, black horizon of the landmass and combines with the deep black water of this vast inland waterway. The cloud reflections into the dense water draw us deeply into ourselves. Introspection is how we grow.

A guitar picks out melancholic notes from the watery deep as we look up towards the distant glow. As we strain towards the light we are elevated by the hopeful piano melody that lifts us out of the haze of drones.

Shot from: DJI Phantom Pro 4, Drone
Location: Lake, Mortlake, Western District, Central Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Date shot: 30 January 2018
Date created: September-December 2022
Frame: Size 1920 x 1920
File Size: 297 MB
Length: 2 mins 41 secs


The divine Daintree Rainforest, is the oldest continually surviving tropical rainforest in the world. It’s creeping vines and emerald canopy have been growing for more than 180 million years, making the Daintree the world’s oldest tropical rainforest by 10 million years.

The area’s traditional custodians are the Kuku Yalanji.

Such a forest is literally the lungs of our planet, we could feel the ancient energy all around us, as we walked, as we flew our drone, and as we drove through one of the world’s natural wonders.

This particular shoot came at the end of a month-long journey, travelling from Melbourne in the southern-state of Victoria all the way to the very tip of Australia, Cape York. We travelled by plane, boat, 4-wheel drive vehicle and light aircraft, travelling the length of this ancient land.

‘A day in the deluge’ envelopes us in the forest’s vibrancy, which we must protect, conserve and sustain.

Deep in the Daintree, as the sunlights filters through the lofty canopy, the marimba patterns dance amongst the light. The green noise of the water, wind and birds hums in cycling drones and the simple piano melody reminds of the timelessness of this realm.

Shot from: DJI Phantom Pro 4, Drone
Location: Daintree Rain Forest, Tropical North Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Date shot: 26 May 2018
Date created: September-December 2022
Frame Size: 1920 x 1920
File Size: 296 MB
Length: 2 mins 14 secs


Our figure is standing on the end of Doorway Rock, looking out to sea, into the blue yonder that is the twisting sky.

The dark, deep waters below Doorway Rock are also twisting, creating a sense of being in that perfect FLOW STATE, the title of a collection from which this piece is the linchpin. ‘All we have is now’ is another way to say ‘live in the moment’, ‘be mindful’ of our actions, of our surroundings, of the impact we can make, and leave behind us.

This location is over 10 hours drive from our home, and some miles off-shore. We’d visited at the same time of year, every year for 3 years, but the light was never quite right and the weather conditions too rough or squally for the footage we wanted to create. But on our 4th visit, in the year of 2021, the light, weather and water gave us the perfect opportunity to take to the skies.

In this space defined by duelling forces, time shifts unevenly through the ever-changing piano arpeggios and skittering drum patterns. We stand on the edge, pulled in opposing directions, unable to answer the questions proposed by the score and unsure which is the true path.

Shot from: DJI Phantom Pro 4, Drone
Location: Doorway Rock, off-shore Robe, South Australia, AUSTRALIA
Date shot: 23 February 2021
Date created: September-December 2022
Frame Size: 1920 x 1920
File Size: 298 MB
Length: 2 mins 14 secs


Our figure is standing on a cloud, whilst being cloaked in the cloudscape surrounding them.

The figure is ‘beyond the reverie’ in a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

This alluring 3-D piece allows us to dream of what lies beyond? We will each have our own answer.

Lake Eppalock is a large mass of water in an otherwise dry area of Central Victoria, the cerulean sky and contrasting white fluffy clouds, when given a ‘twist’ draw us into the central vortex, where we ground ourselves.

Shot from: DJI Phantom Pro 4, Drone
Location: Lake Eppalock, North of Heathcote, Central Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Date shot: 3 February 2018
Date created: September-December 2022
Frame Size: 4000 x 4000
File Size: 2.92 MB

More about the artists:

Nate Hill is a digital artist and freelance photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

Nate took the long way around to finding his calling as an artist. He went from a visual arts degree, to playing/recording/touring in various bands, to teaching. While teaching (Drums) he worked part time as a portrait photographer, coupled with being a stay at home Dad.

Now he has found his groove with a mix of photography, videography, photo manipulation, digital art and design.

Nate has worked with a number of high profile clients including Apple, Disney/Star Wars, Warner Music, and Foot Locker.

His work has also been featured and shared far and wide on social media by high profile accounts including Adobe Photoshop, Juxtapoz Magazine, and Photographize Magazine just to name a few.

Nate's work is largely influenced by music and he is passionate about working with bands and artists creating visuals to accompany their music.

He has worked with some world class international acts such as Tool, Korn and The Crystal Method.

Nate has a recognisable style of his own that includes his ongoing series of wild black and white line 'Digital Landscapes' and his series of photo manipulations that he titled 'Twisted Landscapes' that was the subject of his first solo exhibition.

From a body of work spanning over 25 years worldwide, SUNGRAZERS produce unique 1/1 and low-edition collections depicting landscape & natural-world wonders in a clarion call to conserve, preserve and sustain our planet.

In 2021 SUNGRAZERS’ NFTs exhibited in the world’s largest NFT exhibition STRATOSPHERE in Beijing and at Art Basel in Miami and in 2022, The Other Art Fair in Melbourne, NFT NYC, NFT Liverpool & ‘20 years of Culture NFT Exhibition at Fed Square, Melbourne.

The SUNGRAZERS collaboration is between acclaimed aerial stills photographers and film-makers, Jerry & Sara Grayson of Helifilms, with Toby Dundas co-founder, composer and musician of The Temper Trap.

Helifilms work has been played worldwide at museums and galleries; The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart, Tasmania, Sydney Opera House as part of Vivid Sydney, The Museum of Art and Science in Valencia, Spain, CALSCI in Los Angeles, The British Film Institute, IMAX theatres worldwide, and on international stages since 2015 illustrating music by the seminal British band NEW ORDER.

From the ground and the air, Helifilms have filmed with NASA, the European Space Agency, for the BBC’s Natural History Unit on the Planet Earth series, on James Bond and Black Hawk Down feature films, as well as for directors such as Werner Herzog and Renny Harlin.

Toby’s band, The Temper Trap, have toured the world, appearing at Glastonbury, Coachella, Lollapalooza, SXSW, playing at the MCG twice during the AFL Grand Final, supporting The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park, London, and Kings of Leon on their 2022 ANZ tour. The band’s music contributed to the IMAX film THE EARTH WINS directed and produced by Jerry and Sara, as well as feature length films.

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