Pizza Dao x Nouns Dao x Oshi Gallery
Global Pizza Party

Calling all Humans!

🍕🍕🍕 Get your pizza holes ready!

You’re invited to PizzaDAO’s 4th annual Global Pizza Party in honor of Bitcoin Pizza Day. Join us at OSHI for an evening of fun, friends, and pizza.

So why are we throwing a global pizza party on a Wednesday night? It’s been 14 years since Bitcoin was first used to buy a real-world asset. On May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. Today, that’s over $900M!

We think that’s a big deal. So thanks to our partners NounsDAO, OwnTheDoge, Unlock and the World Pizza Champions we are throwing our biggest Global Pizza Party ever! We’re expecting well over 10,000 total attendees across more than 100 cities worldwide. Come on out and pizza party with us!

Post with #GlobalPizzaParty and join our Global Zoom to see what’s happening at all the other events … and don’t forget to @OSHI_Gallery too!!

👉👕Pick up a Limited Edition BTC Pizza Day Tshirt, only available online HERE. Available for Pre Order and pickup on the night from OSHI GALLERY👕🤌

But wait, there’s more! This event isn’t just about devouring pizza— Oshi is a haven for creativity and connection. Discover mind-blowing art, mingle with the brightest minds in the web3 and digital industries, and let inspiration flow through your veins. Whether you’re a coding wizard, a visionary artist, a soulful musician, or a tech junkie, this is your chance to connect, collaborate, and ignite the sparks of innovation.

Oshi is nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s arts & culture district and sets the stage for this unrivalled extravaganza. It’s the perfect spot to hang out with your crew, meet new friends, chow down on killer pizza, and soak up the electric atmosphere.

We cater to all taste buds and dietary preferences, offering options that include

– Meat, Veg, Vegan and GF options available.

– Locals beers, Seltzers, Ginger beer, Non-alcoholic drinks.

**LISTEN UP pizza party people! This event is free to attend, but we’re working with limited spots. So snag your ticket now and secure your place in pizza paradise.

6 PM-9PM Wednesday 22nd May, 386 Smith Street, Collingwood

Supported by the following champions:

Pizza Dao, Nouns Dao, Own The Doge, Unlock Protocol, World Champions Pizza, Oshi Gallery and Leonardo’s Pizza Palace Melbourne.

BTC Pizza Day - Limited Edition T-shirt
BTC Pizza Day - Limited Edition T-shirt

IYKYK - As part of the Global BTC Pizza Day event, Oshi is printing in house a range of super cool tee's to get you pizza party ready!

100% cotton, 100% degen, unisex tee's in a selection of colours.

Artwork designed by the legends that started the global BTC pizza day tradition. PIZZA DAO

Grab a tee, grab a slice and LFG!

*Pre order and pickup from Oshi on May 22nd

*Free domestic shipping (within Australia)

*Worldwide shipping also available, not guaranteed to land before may 22nd, Sorry.

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