Fed Square
20 Years of Culture

Oshi Gallery has collaborated with one of Australia's most popular public art and cultural spaces, Federation Square.

Oshi Gallery, Australia's premier Digital x Physical NFT art gallery is Auctioning and showcasing 1/1 Digital artworks by 20 of Australia's Leading Digital artists.

Each NFT has a limited edition of 100 Fine Art Archival Museum grade prints, each print is printed in house by Oshi Gallery, embossed and embedded with an NFC Chip. These prints are available to ship worldwide.

The owner of each NFT at the close of the Auction will also receive a 10% revenue share of the sales of the matching physical print edition.

Auction starts 19th of October - 6pm EDT, New York, USA
Auction starts 20th of October - 9am AEDT, Melbourne, Australia

'20 Years of Culture' is a perfectly curated exhibition that aims to showcase the diversity of medium and calibre of Aussie talent all in one place.

Limited Edition Prints available at shop.oshi.gallery

Giant Swan
Edition of 1
A courtship to savor

Equal parts Sculptor, digital artist and world builder, Giant Swan's career exists within multiple emerging medias as a constant innovator with a vivid artistic language. His distance from everything traditional is bridged to our reality through twisted reflective scenes that reach towards often confronting emotions.

In Recent years, Giant Swan has been a part of projects exploring the NFT scene including key moments within the emerging art market such as the first video within the Cryptoart space, First On-Chain 3d object and early branded collaborations that lead to big shifts now present in the scene today.

Nate Hill
Edition of 1
We don't know

Nate Hill is a digital artist and freelance photographer from Melbourne, Australia. His work is multidisciplinary, combining photography, videography, photo manipulation, digital art and design. Nate has worked with several high-profile clients including Apple, Disney/Star Wars and Warner Music.

His work is largely influenced by music, and he is passionate about working with musicians to create visuals to accompany their music. He has a recognisable style that includes his ongoing series of wild black and white line 'Digital Landscapes' and a series of photo manipulations, 'Twisted Landscapes'.

Edition of 1
Someplace else is here

Mankind is an award-winning digital artist with a background of over twenty years in branding, digital art and advertising. He has been teaching Digital and Crypto Art for several years.

After a near-death experience, an existential crisis led him to the pages of 'Confession' by Leo Tolstoy. 'Since death is inevitable, what is the meaning of life?" He found the answer of hope through exploring, creating and sharing.

4th Perspective
Edition of 1
This man is an island

Due to pathological depersonalisation, I have always felt like I was an observer in the world rather than one directly interacting with it, which has spurred me into attempting to convey my unique view in any way that I can, from music to food and more recently, visual art.

Despite losing a large percentage of my vision in early 2020 to advanced Keratoconus and a ruptured (left) cornea, I decided to learn photography and soon after, digital art in order to portray the images and interpretations in my mind.

I started visual art in order to portray the mental illness suffered by my long term partner but that quickly turned inwards to the things that plagued my own mine, visions of ruin and decay from years of neglecting my own mental health issues in favour of those around me.

My art depicts a world of deranged fantasy; from tongue in cheek depictions of capitalist trees to literal depictions of mental health conditions such as Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Utilizing a muted yet intense palette, I am able to convey an air of melancholy and hopelessness that pervades the modern world in many forms.

Edition of 1
Assembly Required

Marc-O-Matic is a multidisciplinary artist, animator, director and creative technologist who combines traditional illustrative and storytelling disciplines with digital and immersive tech, creating interactive storytelling experiences across Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Marc has since presented at SXSW, Siggraph, Adobe MAX & Sony Interactive, Japan and continues to work with tech companies, educational institutions and universities to showcase different ways subject matter experts and designers can integrate and communicate their ideas and stories through AR and VR to better engage and inform audiences.

Edition of 1
Native Transmissions

Hipworth is a multidisciplinary artist whose works have been featured on leading art and collector platforms such as SuperRare, Nifty Gateway and MakersPlace. Hipworth’s style steers towards a blend of mystical and religious influences combined with ethnobotanical references and symbology.

As one of Australia’s top selling NFT creators he is known for combining digital art and music into thought provoking and thematic animations. He has also collaborated with global music brands and artists such as Amnesia Ibiza, The Victorian Opera and Carl Cox.

Tom Gerrard
Edition of 1
Fred Square

Tom is a painter whose works focus on suburban life. His style developed through his prolific international output on the streets, and he incorporates contemporary techniques such as spray paint and airbrush. Tom’s works compress space through bold flattened colour schemes, employing a signature black outline which frames his graphical forms.

He has exhibited in Los Angeles, Barcelona and Tokyo, and his works have been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria. He is an international muralist, having been commissioned in London, Berlin, Quito and Rio de Janeiro.

ReVerse Butcher
Edition of 1
Circle Series - Feminine with Vacant Grasp

ReVerse Butcher (rVb) is an award-winning VR/AR/XR artist and poet. She creates virtual sculptures, films, music, performances, collages, unique artists books and NFTs. Through creativity, rVb explores the complexity and necessity of existing across multiple worlds. She has a fixation with the surreal and absurd, creating artworks that shock, confuse and entertain while encouraging introspection. rVb’s multidimensional creations and immersive experiences intentionally bend the nature of text and space. She is deeply concerned with crossing digital and traditional boundaries, both technically and philosophically.

Jasmine Mansbridge
Edition of 1
Some Summer Nights

Jasmine Mansbridge is a self-taught artist whose work is best described as being at the meeting of exploration and refinement. Jasmine has explored multiple mediums – sculpture, large-scale public works and intimate paintings for private collection. She is not afraid to venture outside an established comfort zone. Whatever her choice of art form, Mansbridge brings a refined and meticulous hand to her work. The work provokes thought and wonder and gives the viewer the chance to apply their personal storytelling, as they unpack the geometry and portals of Mansbridge’s imagined world.

Lucy Lucy
Edition of 1
Ancient places, New spaces

Lucy Lucy is a visual artist whose work moves between large-scale public murals, gallery work on canvas and ornament making for performance artists. Her paintings capture the folklore of the feminine. Whether a sovereign queen, a youthful muse, all share the art of being a woman.

Edition of 1
It's Always Sunny in Melbourne

Lambie is a self-described "degenerate child of the internet painting for the Electric Renaissance". Her work incorporates current memes and utilises her signature colour palette of blue, pink and yellow. All works are painted in gouache and watercolour, vectored and digitally edited.

Salty One
Edition of 1
Bunjils Way

Lowell Hunter AKA Salty One is a saltwater man. He creates sand art and uses drone photography to capture the scale of his works within breathtaking landscapes. It all started as a way to get out on the beach and connect with culture, Country and sea.

Lowell is a Nyul Nyul man from the Kimberleys in Western Australia, he grew up on Gunditjmara Country in Warrnambool and now lives on Waddawurrung Country, Geelong. Each place has kept him connected to the ocean.

He creates sand artwork using just his feet. Lowell carves stories into the sand using the same foot movements he was taught through dance, movements his people have practised for countless generations.

The artworks tell stories of family, identity and connection. Lowell was taught Aboriginal dance from the age of 10 and has performed in South Africa, China, New Zealand and most recently in New York at the New York Fashion Week where his sand art was also a part of a unique collection of dresses that featured in the Flying Solo runway event in New York.

Since starting 2.5 years ago, Lowell has quickly grown in popularity and demand with his unique style of art and storytelling. Lowell has been commissioned for a number of significant projects including a Visit Vic tourism campaign for the Great Ocean Road, Shepparton White Night projection festival and now working with the GPT group to develop culturally creative and immersive spaces for their Space Co. shared office spaces across Australia.

He has also featured in several group art exhibitions over the past 2 years and is about to open his own Art Gallery in Geelong on Waddawurrung Country.

In July this year Lowell was also awarded the 2022 National NAIDOC Creative Talent Award. This is great recognition for the hard work, dedication and passion he has for his art and culture.

Darcy Prendergast
Edition of 1
Pigeon Party

Darcy Prendergast is an AACTA-nominated director, animator, squiggler and sculptor. He has a passion for creating stories that excite.

Jason Ebeyer
Edition of 1
Embraced beneath the Square

Jason Ebeyer is a 3D artist known globally for his sensual style of artwork and for pioneering the glossy style of figurative art which has become his signature. Having worked across many mediums, his 3D art has been exhibited at international galleries and published worldwide. Jason's unique 3D work has enabled him to create imagery and editorials for multiple issues of Vogue (globally), a cover of V Magazine (US) and attracted commissions from names like Troye Sivan, Steven Klein and Madonna.

Edition of 1

Award-winning aerial film-makers, whose body of work spans over 25 years, Jerry & Sara Grayson formed SUNGRAZERS in June 2021 with composer Toby Dundas, co-founder and drummer of multiple Aria-award winners THE TEMPER TRAP.

SUNGRAZERS’ collaboration creates unique 1/1 and limited edition NFTs from aerial imagery which, with the addition of unique scores, have the potential to change minds by changing perspectives.

Our genesis 1/1s sold in July 2021. Since then, over 100 stills and over 100 film NFTs have sold on ETH, TEZOS and HBAR platforms. Our work is curated onto Known Origin, 1st Dibs, Makers Place, Foundation, Sloika and GoMint. Our NFTs exhibited at TheOtherArtFair in Melbourne, NFTNYC, NFTLiverpool, Art Basel in Miami and Stratosphere in Beijing.

IRL our films have played at MONA, the Sydney Opera House as part of VIVID, the British Film Institute in London, IMAX Melbourne, and illustrating NEW ORDER’s world tours since 2015. We’ve filmed for Werner Herzog, Ridley Scott and NASA.

Toby has toured the world, appearing at Glastonbury, Coachella, Lollapalooza and SXSW, supported The Rolling Stones and are the only artists to have played twice at the AFL Grand Final at the MCG.

Edition of 1

Adnate is an internationally recognised large scale portrait artist and highly regarded fine artist. He has moved past his roots in Street Art, utilising his mediums to carry his realist style into the fine art realm.

Adnate has worked closely with indigenous people of their native land, especially with Indigenous Australians. He paints large scale murals around Australia and the world, creating a statement of reclaiming the land that was always theirs. He endeavours to capture the stories and emotions of each subject he paints, encouraging the audience to feel through their own experience.

Jonathan Puc
Edition of 1

Jonathan Puc is a 3d artist based in Melbourne. With surrealism as a central theme, Jonathan composes abstract ornaments, humanoids and flora in undefined spaces in a manner that seeks to unearth a sense of mysticism in the eyes of the observer. Whether it be a lyric from a song, snapshot from cinema or a picturesque view on a walk, Jonathan’s work often ideates from everyday life and mutates into a life of its own.

Edition of 1
Legendary Generative

Crisis is an artist, illustrator and muralist. He has worked with the likes of XCopy, one of the highest selling NFT artists in the world.

Paul Milinski
Edition of 1
The Laneway

Paul Milinski is a Melbourne-based renowned digital artist and designer. His remarkable emotive and dreamlike style has earned him collaborations with some of the world's most prestigious brands.

He recently made NFT history with his work auctioned at over half a million dollars at the Miami Bitcoin conference mid-2021. In addition, he has sold out multiple NFT art collections.

Paul's work inspires current and upcoming designers and artists and is studied by students across the globe. He believes that digital art is just a genuine artistic expression as any other form of art, and we are only at the beginning of the most significant art movement in history.

Edition of 1
Traits (Truganini and Vida)

Darian Zam is an early adopter of Crypto/NFT tech in the Australian art industry. With 30+ years of practice as an artist consisting primarily of painting/drawing, he moved entirely to the Crypto Art space in late 2020. In that period, Zam has sold 700+ NFTs and was one of 24 artists invited to participate in Australia’s Future Art exhibition in May 2022.

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